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  • April, 21. 2016

How to keep your computer UP and running always?

Now a days many us dont know that the life of any computer can be for more than 10 years, If the computer is taken care off completly as your loved ones. Keeping computer up and running doesnt require lot of computer knowledge or a comptuer degree. It can be optimized easily by anyone who knows how to turn the computer ON or OFF.

Points to remember to keep your computer UP & Running - (1) Always update your computer softwares to fight against the new infections. (2) Always make your computer password protected and keep it a secret. (3) Always shut down your computer when not in use, as it enhaces the computer components life-cycle. (4) Always buy softwares from a safe website never run after discounted prices as there is always a glitch behind discounts.

  • April, 18. 2016

How to clean your computer and keep it safe from dust?

To keep your computer clean and safe from dust is very easy but requires little knowledge on it, Many of us think that cleaning there computer from outside and making it shine means computer is cleaned. However the fact is computer never extends its life from keeping it clean from outside its always about the dust inside the computer which decreases the life of your computer components.

Steps on how to keep your computer clean from dust- (1) Try to place your computer in a dust free room. (2) If it is a PC/Cabinet then remove all the cables from the behind of CPU and take the CPU outside in the garden area to blow air pressure to remove dust. (3) If it is a Laptop, then call computer geeks every 3 months to clean your laptop from inside using vaccum technology.

  • April, 15. 2016

How to remove Mackeeper from Macbook or iMac ?

what is Mackeeper? What it does? How it comes on your computer? Who downloaded the Mackeeper on your macbook or imac? Relax today you will learn more about it and will also learn how to keep yourself refrained from such 3rd party softwares to come on your macbook or iMac.

Mackeeper is a junk files removal software developed by 3rd party. Its core function is to make you buy there services which are not free, Mackeeper has been also rated as ADWARE by many of the users because it serves lot of advertisement including POP-UP's on your macbook and iMac. mackeeper gets downloaded on your computer becuase of their robust marketing strategy. As per computer geeks this application should be removed from your macbook and iMac right away. To remove it please go inside the Applications and drag Mackeeper to the trash can.

  • April, 12. 2016

Where to go for Laptop Repairing in Dubai ?

Laptop repairing in Dubai? Call Microsoft Partner Network - Computer Geeks FZCO at +971-04-252-6800 for your laptop repairing. Computer Geeks will come to your place to repair and service any type of problem with your laptop of any brand. Computer Geeks offer computer service & support all across the dubai 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Computer Geeks technicians are expert in fixing any problem like - (1) laptop working slow (2) Laptop not turning on (3) Laptop shuts down automatically (4) Blue Screen error on laptop (5) Lot many advertisement POP-UP's on laptop (6) Laptop hard drive repairing (7) Laptop motherboard repairing (8) Laptop broken screen replacement (9) Laptop keybarod replacement

  • April, 2. 2016

Laptop Over Heating Problem?

Does your laptop over heats when you are using it? Dont worry we have a solution to fix laptop over heating problem. Call Computer Geeks laptop repairing team to fix an appointment for any type of problem with any brand of laptop. Computer Geeks will be around you on the confirmed time to serve you better on your site. All you need to know why your laptop heats and how to keep it safe.

When you use your laptop on a lap or on a bed then it doesnt get enough space for the air to blow outside from its fan and that makes it over heat. Secondly It also over heats your laptop when there is too much dust around the fan and heat sink inside your laptop. Now Learn How to keep your laptop cool, Steps to avoid laptop over heating - (1) Never use your laptop on your Lap (2) Never use your laptop on a soft base like bed or sofa-set (3) Always use your laptop on a hard base of wooden table only.

  • March, 28. 2016

Spilled Water, Tea or Coffe on your Laptop?

Goshhh!!! The damage has been done to your laptop now. But Dont worry you can still follow basic steps to save it from more damage to happen inside the laptop. Normally in todays time water spillage, tea spillage and coffee spillage has become a fashion and normal. The percentage of people doesnt panic the way they used to before becuase the technology has come up with the solution to it.

Follow the steps before calling Computer Geeks to fix your laptop (1) Stop the spill, what ever is spilling on your laptop stop it. (2) Cut the power from your laptop and remove all the cables attached with your laptop (3) Turn the laptop over and remove the battery, this way you cut all the power sources from your laptop (4) Turn it Up-side Immidiately, It will help liquid to stop going deeper inside your laptop (5)Call Computer Geeks for help +971-04-252-6800

  • March, 18. 2016

Virus on computer? Computer Not Turning on?

Dont Panic! Virus on computer is very common these days, Its just you need to know how to keep them away from your computer and need to learn what does the virus do when you dont take it off from your computer and also need to learn types of Infections common on computers.

First of all make sure that you have the licensed version of Anti Virus Security, do not use free anti-virus as many of them contains adware to promote their services to push customers but their software. Second, your computer is Anti-Virus is upto date and active to fight against the latest infections. Thirdly, Must have Anti virus, Anti Malware, Anti Spyware & Anti Adware protection for your computer. If still not resolved then Call Computer Geeks at +971-04-252-6800

  • March, 12. 2016

Gadgets Repairing in Dubai?

  • March, 12. 2016

Gadgets Repairing in Dubai?

Gadgets repairing in Dubai is a big time challenge in Dubai, many of you must have faced this. One can easily find computer repairing, mobile repairing and tablet reparing in Dubai but It is very difficult to find a gedget reparing centre in dubai.

Dont worry Computer Geeks team has got experienced technicians in all the field of Electronics repairing be it a play station or hoverboard, home theatre or Sono's Hi-Fi Wireless system or not detecting Hard drive or smart TV and many more.... Call Computer Geeks to fix an appointment at +971-04-252-6800

  • March, 05. 2016

POP-UP advertisement's on your Laptop or PC ?

yes, you are right POP-UP Advertisements, What does this mean? Now a days pop-up advertising has grown so fast in the digital industry that everyone wants to come in front with there brands and services to spread the awareness among the users. POP-UP advertisement is good and bad both as it depends how services have been advertised

One of the un-etical way of advertisement is Freezing POP-UP, where an advertiser is freezing your browser but not the computer to make you stay on the advertised page for a long time. you can simply stop it installing POP-UP Blocker application or by restarting your browser. for more information call Computer Geeks +971-04-252-6800