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  • May, 21. 2016
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Computer Geeks FZCO offers wide range of computer service & support. Computer Geeks FZCO is open 24 Hours and offers computer repairing services online & onsite all across dubai and surronding.

Computer Geeks FZCO professional technicians are very much capable of fixing any type of problem realted to Desktop, laptop, Mobile, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Networking etc...

Call us on +971-04-252-6800 for great IT Consultancy experience! Our Wide-ranging diagnostic and repair services for your personal computers & connected devices for example extenders, wireless printers, routers, access points, MP3 players, and over 100+ software applications.

Computer Geeks FZCO follows in-house approved troubleshooting flowcharts for PC hardware related problem. The troubleshooting process is the same for an expensive Sony or IBM, or a cheaper e-Machines or Acer, Dell and HP and with Computer Geeks FZCO you go through with the same troubleshooting steps at an affordable price to correctly identify and repair of the failure.

We are also Microsoft Partner Partner with highly qualified and certified technicians to work on any kind of microsoft based or apple based related devices. Our technicians can work on all platforms of operating system with assured quality solution.

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    Fix All Types of Trojans

  • Computer Geeks FZCO IT experts will diagnose and troubleshoot any type of virus and will give you a guaranteed solutions to all kind of virus removal services. Will also help you to recover important documents files and folders from any brand of PC or server to ensure smooth performance.
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    How to fix RSA 4096 Ransomware Virus?

  • With Computer Geeks FZCO it is very easy to fix any type of ransomeware virus. First of all you to need to understand what it is and what it does? RSA 4096 & RZA 4096 encrypt all your files and folders with ".crypto" extension which doesnt let you open any type of files and folders or documents. To fix this call computer geeks experts at +971-04-252-6800 as it is not easy to remove from any PC and requires deep knowledge about computers.
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    How to fix RZA 4096 Crypto Virus?

  • With the support of Computer Geeks FZCO technicians it is very easy to remove RZA 4096 cryto ransomeware virus as computer geeks FZCO uses the most advance virus killer softwares and assures data recovery of immportant files and folders or documents compromised due to RZA 4096 or any other type of infection.
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    Elimination of Problems at the Root

  • It is very important to identify root cause through troubleshooting helps to eliminate problems completely and prevent their recurrence.

    Computer Geeks FZCO list for Virus Removal Services and support valid for all brands of laptop, desktop, server, workstation, NAS etc...

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    RSA 4096 Removal

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    RZA 4096 Removal

  • 3

    Cryto Ransomware Removal

  • 4

    Horse Trojan Removal

  • 5

    Strong Encryption Virus Removal

  • 6

    Generic StartPage!px!A479404A3B4F Trojan Removal

  • 7

    Generic BackDoor.bfr!d!2599DA24E8D6 Trojan Removal

  • 8

    Worm.Zimuse.A Virus Removal

  • 9

    W32/Sality Virus Removal

  • 10

    Downloader:W32/Hiloti Trojan Removal

  • 11

    Downloader:W32/Fakerean.gen!A Trojan Removal

  • 12

    Email-Worm:W32/Bagle.GE Virus Removal

  • 13

    W32/Qhost Trojan Removal

  • 14

    W32/Agent.DKJC Trojan Removal

  • 15

    Trojan.Prikormkak Removal

  • 16

    Trojan.Ransomcrypt.AN Removal

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    Many more types of Virus Removal Solution Available. Call +971-04-252-6800 to speak with our support team experts