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  • June, 1. 2017
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We can fix your Pc & Mac

We are your one stop shop for computer repairs (PC repairs and Mac repair services). We have an in depth knowledge on Mac repairs and PC repairs. First we talk with you to understand when your PC or Mac started to show the symptoms and then we proceed to run a free diagnostic on all computer repairs.

Once we are totally sure of what is wrong with your PC or Mac and what exactly needs to be done. We proceed to give you a price quote based on the materials and time needed to get your computer back to speed.

You only pay when you are totally satisfied with our repair. Each of our computer repair comes with our 3 months warranty.

Macbook & iMac Repair Service

The quality of our computer repairs and the prices are guaranteed. We do a 110% price match on all our services and repairs.

  • Macbook Cracked/ Broken LCD Screen replacement
  • Macbook Motherboard Replacement
  • Macbook DC Jack Repair/Replacement
  • Apple Software & Hardware repairs
  • Macbook Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal
  • Macbook Pro Data Recovery
  • Macbook Hard Drive Replacement
  • Macbook Power supplies Replacement
  • Macbook Hinges repairs
  • Macbook Bezel
  • Macbook Case Repair

We have successfully repaired these Macs


  • MacBook (A1534)
  • MacBook (A1534)
  • MacBook Air (A1465)
  • MacBook Air (A1370)
  • Macbook Air (A1466)
  • MacBook Air (A1369)
  • MacBook Air (A1304)
  • MacBook Air(A1237)
  • MacBook Pro (A1706)
  • MacBook Pro (A1708)
  • MacBook Pro13.2
  • MacBook Pro13.1
  • MacBook Pro 14.3 (A1707)
  • iMac with Retina Display
  • Macbook Pro & Retina Display
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • Many more.....

Issues we have repaired on Mac

  • Macbook Cracked/ Broken LCD Screen replacement
  • Macbook Retina or LED Screen Replacement
  • Macbook Motherboard Replacement
  • Macbook CPU Replacement or Upgrade
  • Macbook Memory Replacement or Upgrade
  • Macbook Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrades
  • Macbook Damaged or Cracked Plastics
  • Macbook Touchpad and Keyboard Replacement
  • Macbook Optical Disc Drive Replacement
  • Macbook Heat sink Replacement or Upgrade
  • Macbook Overheating Issue Repair
  • Macbook Power supplies Replacement
  • Macbook Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal
  • Macbook Software Upgrades and Configuration
  • Macbook Complete System Tune-ups
  • Macbook Pro backlight issues
  • Macbook Pro wifi repairs
  • Macbook pro no power up repairs

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